To Face The Music

To meet the consequences of one s bad behavior mistakes and the like. Face the music to.

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To face the music. French translation of to face the music the official collins english french dictionary online. It is unclear exactly how this phrase originated but the allusion seems to point to performers facing the audience during a show. If you don t complete the project on time you will have to face the music when the boss asks for a status report.

To deal with or meet the consequences one one s bad behavior. To accept criticism or. Regrettably the documentary records don t point to any clear source for the phrase and we are as so often at the mercy of plausible speculation.

Face the music definition. To confront difficulties bravely. Define to face the music.

Rather than face the. The children broke the window pane while playing and had to face the music when their parents returned home. It is common to say to someone it s time to face the music.

Number 6 having to face the music in question period every single day. Now she can face the music. Sooner or later i m going to have to face the music.

This term american in origin is believed to come from the theater and refers to the orchestra in the pit which an actor must face along with a perhaps hostile audience. Define face the music. Origin of face the music.

We saw many new faces. Maintenant il faut juste que je fasse face à la musique. To face the music meaning.

Now i know i need to face the music. Face the music synonyms face the music pronunciation face the music translation english dictionary definition of face the music. To admit error and accept reprimand or punishment as a consequence for having failed or having done something wrong.

We feel that we can picture who was facing what and what music was playing at the time. You ve been caught cheating now you must face the music. To accept criticism or punishment for something you have done 2.

If you keep breaking the rules sooner or later you will be caught and then you will have to face the music. To willingly experience an unpleasant. Let s face the music of uncle savinder singh.

One origin story points to early american theater where the orchestra. Numéro 6 devoir faire face à la musique à la période de questions tous les jours. The phrase face the music has an agreeable imagery.

The surface of the front of the head from the top of the forehead to the base of the chin and from ear to ear. To face the music synonyms to face the music pronunciation to face the music translation english dictionary definition of to face the music. The others all ran off leaving me to face the music.

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