Timeline Of Music History

Read this history of music and find a timeline of milestones in the music industry dating from 325 to the present day 325 constantine declares christianity the official religion of the roman empire. 1600 the baroque period 1600 to 1750.

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Timeline of music history. Musicologists divide the history of classical music into different eras or periods see our description of the different classical music periods it is quite common to see historical events mapped out on a timeline so that you can see the events in order. Medieval 500 1450 the monophonic phase. Publication of the first book of madrigals by maddalena casulana the first printed book of music by a woman in european history.

Prehistoric music once more commonly called primitive music is the name given to all music produced in preliterate cultures beginning somewhere in very late geological history. The first ever rock and roll record to go through a timeline without honoring the origins of rock and roll would be a shame. The history of classical music.

Music of ancient times before 500 iconography documents the existence of music in prehistoric times. An extremely fertile period the romantic era of music is expressive dramatic and orchestral composed and played with a level of drama and emotionality not seen in previous eras. The flowering of various musical styles since the early 20th century becomes clear with a variety of different music options.

The timeline below provides an overview of popular musical styles from the baroque period through the modern world. Monophonic music was a vital part of the cultures of the ancient chinese hebrews and greeks. 4000 bc flutes and harps played in egypt.

Medieval middle ages the middle ages which encompasses the 6th century to the 16th century featured medieval music. 850 bc polyphony begins in church choirs interweaving many different vocal melodies simultaneously. Composer timelines for classical music periods.

Think wagner s stirring ride of the valkyries or tchaikovsky s triumphant 1812 overture composers touched on themes such as romantic love the supernatural and even death. Even so historiographers point out that there are six periods of music and each period has a particular style that significantly contributed to what music is today. 1538 in music printing of the first protestant hymn book ein hubsch new gesangbuch.

The music timeline 18000 bc to 1952 18000 bc the bones of a wooly mammoth were used to make a musical instrument in ukraine. Prehistoric music is followed by ancient music in most of europe 1500 bc and later music in subsequent european influenced areas but still exists in isolated areas. The spread of christianity in the western world spurred the development of european music.

If rock and roll can be defined by dominant guitars blues elements rhythm raw emotions overtones of rebellion and distorted guitars then one record can be designated as the first ever rock and roll record. 2000 bc the first song was written in cuneiform in mesopotamia. Christian chant based on jewish cantorial traditions and greek music theory developed during the decline of rome.

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