Sleep Timer For Apple Music

Then close the apple music app and open the clock app. How to set an iphone sleep timer.

Iphone Music Sleep Timer Iphone Settings App Speed Up

Step 2 open the ios clock app and tap on the timer option at the bottom of the screen.

Sleep timer for apple music. Launch the clock app from your home screen. Choose when timer ends. Sleep timer turn music off this is a great tool to let you fall asleep to your favorite music on android.

You can select your favorite player such as google play music apple music spotify to start playing and set the countdown timer. Step 1 firstly open apple music and start playing any songs you like listening to. Set the timer for however long you need and click start.

It will automatically stop at the end of the countdown and prevent your battery from draining. Step 3 set the desired length of your sleep timer and then tap on the option labeled when timer ends. Using the picker set the amount of time you want to let the music play.

Tap the timer tab. Go to the timer tab click when timer ends then scroll all the way down to the bottom and select stop playing. Once you have the music you want playing you can follow these steps to ensure it stops playing after a set amount of time.

First start playing whatever you feel like listening to. When that timer runs out the music will stop playing.

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