Into The Night Lyric

When the night goes carry you to the unknown into the night we will go. The night after the moon rises the day after dawn the beginning of the sunset the ending of the love into the night a love story that only two people know have some fun at this moment have some fun have some fun.

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Into the night lyrics.

Into the night lyric. For the night lyrics. Baby let s drive into the night just get up and go leave our worlds behind it s so easy if you just say that you might just get up and go leave it all behind baby i just wanna get it right let s just take this slow i hope that you don t mind it s so easy if you wait another night just go with the flow leave it all behind baby let s drive. And we danced on into the night ay oh ay oh ay oh ay oh and we danced on into the night like a piece to the puzzle that falls into place you could tell how we felt from the look on our faces we were spinning in circles with the moon in our eyes no room left to move in between you and i we forgot where we were and we lost track of time.

Have some fun yeah we have some fun until the sun comes up we re together all night long look at it in a different way than ever. Into the night lyrics. Benny mardones lyrics into the night she s just sixteen years old leave her alone they say separated by fools who don t know what love is yet but i want you to know if i could fly i d pick you up i d take you into the night and show you a love like you ve never seen ever seen.

Into the night so cold and dire into the night the moon rise higher here at the end of all things into the dark les vagues se déchaînent into the dark ou l ennemi conspire into the dark into the night the waves grow higher into the night where foes conspired here where all daylight gives in into the night so cold and dire. Into the night lyrics. X2 breath it in just follow me right to the end when the sky goes you are the first to fall in if you follow i ll give you the end of a rope when the night goes carry you to the unknown into the night we will go.

Droppin in from the skies infrared laser eyes gulpin down pounds of fuel they better not tangle with me supersonic can set you free into the night into the night. Cashmoneyap kill em get em get em oh oh i m tryna fuckin get em oh i m tryna fuck on a thot oh oh get em oh oh gettin big on this oh oh oh. When i was young i could tell between the moon and the stars and i would hold my breath underwater for a minute and a half you came along to be my baby and then you came.

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