Lyrics Of Only Human

It s only human to despise the weak br it s only human to despise yourself when you re weak br i don t know why br but that s the way that it s always been br and i play by the rules i don t understand at all yeah br it s only human to be lazy and vain br it s only human to expect a world that. Cause we re only human yes we are only human if it s our only excuse do you think we ll keep on being only human yes we are yes we are only human only human only human so far.

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Yeah ayy i don t want this night to end it s closing time so leave with me again yeah you got all my love to spend oh let s find a place where happiness begins we.

Lyrics of only human. I m only human on sight tackle life in my section mai zang li xiang goodbyee shi jian zhong yu man xia lai give it up for one price. It s only human you know that it s real so why would you fight or try to deny the way that you feel. Don t you know i m only human si nüe pai shan dao hai not only human hao jie suo you deng dai ran shao chi re de xing hai huo chen ai shao bu hui de storylines rang xin tiao liu xia lai what a life what a life.

I m only human i m only human way that things been looking you would think that i been celebrating i be lying if i said that things been better lately i feel like god was speaking to me when i meditated he said i deviated from the path that he created thinking i m a better person when i m medicated hella faded feeling my emotions when i m elevated. Up in the major s tree the one he planted back when he was just a boy back in 1923 thirty meters and a foot take a look take a climb what you ll find is the. Oh babe you can t fool me your body s got other plans so stop pretending you re shy just come on and dance dance dance dance oh early morning la la light only getting up to close the blinds oh i m praying you don t change your mind.

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