Lyric I Believe In You

But i believe in love i believe in babies i believe in mom and dad and i believe in you i don t believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate i like to think of god as love he s down below he s up above he s watchin people everywhere he knows who does and doesn t care and i m an ordinary man sometimes i wonder who i am. Now that you found yourself losing your mind are you here again.

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Now that you made yourself.

Lyric i believe in you. Follow your heart let your love lead through the darkness back to a place you once knew i believe i believe i believe in you follow your dreams be yourself an angel of kindness there s nothing that you cannot do i believe i believe i believe in you. Someday i ll find you someday you ll find me too and when i hold you close i know that it s true. I believe in you lyrics.

So bright you guide me through i believe in you i know that there are times where you feel worthless like all the love you get you don t deserve it sometimes i feel my faith is just a burden on you you you i believe in starting over i can see that your heart is true i believe in love you give me reason to you re the light that lifts me higher. Finding that what you once thought was real is gone and changing. I believe in you i believe in you i believe in you all i want to say to you i believe in you i believe in you your phony friends they all counsel you the things they say oh you know aren t true cause even though i ve been away such a long time just remember baby you remember baby when you here me say i m telling you i believe in you i.

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