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The 2013 video music awards are set to air this sunday august 25 at 9pm 8c. Mtv originally an initialism of music television is an american cable channel launched on august 1 1981 based in new york city it serves as the flagship property of the viacomcbs domestic media networks division of viacomcbs also headquartered in new york city.

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I was too young when mtv first came out as i was only around 4.

First mtv music video. Mtv would change the way we consumed music and has lead to some of the most significant moments in pop culture. The first ever mtv video music awards aired on sept. On august 1 1981 mtv took to the u s.

Mtv was originally first tested on december 1 1977 as sight on sound but was officially launched in 1981 and originally. If you were around then you ll remember the apollo 11 moon landing the astronaut planting the mtv flag on the moon s surface and then the first aptly picked video the buggles video killed the radio star. Mtv went on the air on this day 35 years ago august 1 1981.

In chorus with this program you ll no doubt be hearing a smattering of chatter on social media about how mtv doesn. Airwaves forever changing the landscape of american music and pop culture. It would play music videos which were a relatively new concept presented by video jockeys or vj s.

The very first videos that mtv aired on august 1 1981 the world was introduced to music television. After airing a numerical countdown mtv began with the words ladies and gentleman rock and roll. This is a list of the first music videos broadcast on mtv s first day august 1 1981.

Mtv s first day on the air was rebroadcast on vh1 classic in 2006 and again in 2011 the latter celebrating the channel s 30th anniversary. Some of them you know very well while others you may have never heard of. Back then apple had just introduced its macintosh computer michael jackson s thriller was the biggest album on the planet and.

The first music video is filmed at thomas edison s studio. It was the perfect song to start a new era in the media. The oldest known film with music was made for the kinetophone a device developed by thomas edison s lab that showed.

It announced the beginning of the dominance of videos over the radio. Here are the first 10 songs played on the music channel. The first ever mtv music video was video killed the radio star by the buggles aired on august 1st 1981.

Mtv was a music television station launched on august 1 1981.

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