Ff7 Remake Music Discs

Although there s so many of them you ll find most just by following the main story. The name of the disc will only be revelead when you get it.

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We ve got a complete rundown of where.

Ff7 remake music discs. All music disc locations collecting all 31 music discs that are scattered throughout the vast world of final fantasy vii remake will unlock the disc jockey trophy. Final fantasy 7 remake guide. They are songs you get from jukeboxes vending machines merchants other characters and from a dancing minigame.

Find music discs and add songs to your music collection new 2 comments tips for finding all 31 tracks for ff7 s jukeboxes. Missed one of the 31 music discs. Final fantasy 7 remake music disc locations guide one of the collectibles in final fantasy vii remake are music discs that can be played at the seventh heaven bar or anywhere during your travel.

If you manage to collect them all you ll unlock the disc jockey trophy. You can still get all of them after the story in chapter select. There s 31 of them in total each with a different song burned onto it.

Below are the locations of the music discs in chapter 9 of final fantasy vii remake. Music discs are collectibles in final fantasy 7 remake. When a disc or a music mark appears on the upper left of your screen it means there is a music disc nearby.

There are 31 music discs scattered throughout final fantasy 7 remake and while many are on the beaten path a few are easy to miss in out of the way places. None of the music discs in final fantasy 7 remake are missable. The final fantasy vii remake original soundtrack is an eight disc compilation of the music contained in final fantasy vii remake there are 157 tracks split over the seven cds and a single record with music composed and arranged by nobuo uematsu mitsuto suzuki masashi hamauzu tadayoshi makino shotaro shima yoshitaka suzuki yasunori nishiki yoshinori nakamura naoyuki honzawa with others.

This disc will be after the second time you have to use a crane to transport aerith to a ledge to drop down a ladder. Purchase the disc for 50 gil from a vending machine located in the collapsed expressway large cave in. Final fantasy vii remake has 31 music disc locations.

All music discs locations in final fantasy 7 remake here are the exact locations of the music discs in the game. The prelude chapter 3 sector 7 you need to purchase the disc from the item shop in sector 8 where you will go looking for water filters during chapter 3. Final fantasy 7 remake related articles.

Finding all music discs unlocks the disc jockey trophy.

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