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There is a 1 out of 110 chance you will find a music disc inside of a dungeon chest. 1 obtaining 1 1 natural generation 1 2 creepers 2 discs 3 usage 4 data values 4 1 id 4 2 raw.

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There are currently 12 discs to be collected but.

All music discs minecraft. Since when the disk was released there were only 13 cave noises. Music discs are rare items that can be played in a jukebox. Pigstep is the first and the only disk that isn t composed by c418.

All music discs are included in the minecraft volume beta soundtrack except for 11 13 and cat and pigstep. However custom music can be added with the use of a resource pack or a mod. By default they play music made by c418 and lena raine.

Music discs are 13 unique items that can be played in jukeboxes. Disc 13 is based on the original 13 cave sounds.

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