Memorial Day: Remembering the Veterans, the Pioneers & the Forward-Thinkers

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, also known as the “unofficial official” start to summer. In true Colorado fashion, the weather is unpredictable, scattered, but steadily on the rise. On this particular Memorial Day Weekend, I’ve spent some time thinking about pioneers, and those who paved the way so that we can enjoy the things we love today.

Now the terms that are most appropriately associated with Memorial Day are veteran, soldier, and the like. However, the term pioneer seems to fit in the sense of people who have taken on the unknown and the overwhelming. The people that settled this great nation, traveled unknown paths and braved certain hardship. They are the people who took on more than they thought possible in order to pave the way for others to thrive.

This pioneering spirit has been on my mind lately. I’ve undergone quite a transformation in the last two years, personally and musically. A few years ago, I made the decision to focus my love for music and songwriting into a more tangible state. I remember, even prior to the work on the album After All These Years, thinking about this. I’ve been inspired by the idea of creating music, and getting paid for performing music, long after my retirement. And…how cool would that be?

I thought long and hard about that, and despite all the doubts that sprouted along the way, I forged on. I’ve recorded music, performed live, honed my songwriting, and just kept plugging away. Today, I’ve accomplished leaps and bounds beyond what I ever could have imagined for myself and I am getting a sense that I may have only scratched the surface. Often in these reflective moments, I find myself thinking about the George Eliot quote that seemed to start it all for me: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Aside from the warm weather, cool drinks, and good company, I think Memorial Day really means gratitude. It’s about appreciating the sacrifices, determination, and willpower all combined to create blessings later on. So while you all are out there on this beautiful weekend, take a moment to appreciate what’s been given to you, those who forged the way and also take a moment to appreciate yourself!


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