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  • TUE March 13th – The Little Bear Saloon – Evergreen, CO


  • FRI December 15th – Barnett & Son Brewing – Parker, CO
  • FRI October 13th – Littleton Elks – Littleton, CO
  • FRI September 15th – Old Colorado Brewing – Wellington, CO
  • SAT August 26th – Broken Compass Brewing – Breckenridge, CO
  • FRI August 25th – Bonfire Brewing – Eagle, CO
  • SAT August 12th – Speedtrap – Palmer Lake, CO
  • SUN July 16th – Left Hand Brewing Company – Longmont, CO
  • SAT July 15th – Private House Concert – Littleton, CO
  • FRI July 14th – Private Dinner Party – Littleton, CO
  • SAT July 8th – Mad Jack’s Mountain Brewery – Bailey, CO
  • FRI July 7th – Barnett & Son Brewing – Parker, CO
  • FRI June 3oth – Upslope Brewery Lee Hill – Boulder, CO
  • SAT June 10th – Some Place Else Brewery – Arvada, CO
  • FRI June 9th – Triple S Brewing Company – Colorado Springs, CO
  • SAT May 27th – Dead Hippie Brewing – Sheridan, CO
  • FRI May 12th – Holiday Brewing Company – Golden, CO
  • THU May 4th – Speedtrap – Palmer Lake, CO


The story of Michael Rhodes does not have a definite beginning or end. It’s one that is still being written, and is far from a finished product. Growing up in rural Wyoming and North Dakota, he was surrounded by a community that was incredibly supportive of local talent and helped foster his musical ability. He was active in choir and played in a high school rock band called “Freedom,” covering rock hits of the time. His innate ability to learn music by ear, and his knack for finding ways to turn even the most unassuming objects, such as a flyswatter, into musical instruments, made it clear that music was ingrained in his DNA.

But a high school rock band is not what defines who Michael Rhodes is today. After a potential music career in Nashville in the 1980’s, Michael made the shift to a family-oriented life. He now resides in Littleton, CO where, when he isn’t writing or rehearsing, he coaches youth wrestling and is an active member of his church.

Michael’s music is not defined by one sound, and he does not limit his lyrical identity to one set of topics. His sound is a medley of Americana and Nashville Country-Rock, tipping its hat to artists such as James Taylor, John Denver, The Eagles, and Garth Brooks. It’s the kind of music you want to drive down sunset-painted highway, windows down, with the breeze rolling through. It’s lighthearted, “easy listening” feel and the storytelling lyrics give it an incredibly nostalgic quality that is hard not to like.

His newest EP, After All These Years, is a deeply reflective scrapbook of Michael’s life. His gentle nature comes through, as he muses on his life story. He touches on the moments that some might find ordinary, but in how relatable they are, actually make them some of the most moving moments in one’s life. Tracks such as “The Only Song,” “Please Remember Me” and “Emily” transport you into the pages of Michael’s journal, with words that startle in their simplicity and cut to the root of the emotion. The five-song compilation consists of songs that he either wrote or co-wrote and recorded at The Spot Studios in Lakewood, CO. After All These Years is set to be released Summer 2016.

When it comes to Michael Rhodes’ music, there is no glam, no formula, and no hidden agenda. It’s music in its purest form. “It all starts with a feeling. Whether it be happy, sad, or angry. I need to feel something before I can write.” In a world where the integrity of music can often be lost or blurred by the single-minded focus of fame or acclaim, Michael’s music is refreshing in its honesty and purity. He looks forward to continuing on his musical path, thriving off the support of his family and friends, and making the most of each day. His favorite quote by George Eliot states it simply: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Michael is a wonderful example of this, sharing his passion with any and all who wish to listen.


After All These Years

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R Michael Rhodes – First Place Gold Award “Bottle Or The Bible”

34th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

R Michael Rhodes and co-writers Victoria Banks and Diann Hammer won the First Place Gold Award for the song “Bottle Or The Bible” at the 34th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

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R Michael Rhodes – After All These Years

Best Americana Album

No matter what degree of fame an artist holds, it is an immense honor to even be considered for the acclaimed Grammy Awards. And while many voters may already have their eyes and ears set on a sure-fire winner, it’s important to always honor the accomplished local talent, who will stop at nothing to get their voices heard.

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R Michael Rhodes


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Song List
Song Artist Note
Oklahoma Wind Mike Rhodes Original
Hound Dog Elvis Presley Cover
Emily Mike Rhodes Original
Whiskey Nights Mike Rhodes Original
Rocky Mountain High John Denver Cover
A Little Bit Tighter Mike Rhodes Original
Ventura Highway America Cover
Where Are You Now Mike Rhodes Original
Evil Woman Mike Rhodes Original
You”ll Never Know Mike Rhodes Original
Lyin’ Eyes Eagles Cover
The Only Song Mike Rhodes Original
Chasin’ Ghosts Mike Rhodes Original
Fire On The Mountain Marshall Tucker Band Cover
Sunday Mornin’ Breeze Mike Rhodes Original
Honky Tonk Woman Rolling Stones Cover
Such A Shame Mike Rhodes Original
Please Remember Me Mike Rhodes Original
Take Me Home Country Roads John Denver Cover
Daisy Jane America Cover
Peaceful Easy Feeling Eagles Cover
Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Cover
Ships Passing In The Night Mike Rhodes Original
Wagon Wheel Darius Rucker Cover
Special Place For Me Mike Rhodes Original
Sister Golden Hair America Cover
Evil Woman Mike Rhodes Original
Soiltay Man Neil Diamond Cover
You”ll Never Know Mike Rhodes Original
Livin’ On A Prayer Bon Jovi Cover
Turquoise Shoes Mike Rhodes Original
Chicken Fried Zac Brown Cover
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