Memorial Day: Remembering the Veterans, the Pioneers & the Forward-Thinkers

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, also known as the “unofficial official” start to summer. In true Colorado fashion, the weather is unpredictable, scattered, but steadily on the rise. On this particular

Weather’s Getting Nice…Time for a Cold One

Our “Under the Influence…Of Great American Songwriters” tour has been in full swing these last few weeks, and the shows just keep on coming. We have been playing at various

Takin’ It To The Limit

Anyone who has listened to my music knows that there are some pretty prominent Americana influences nestled in there. It’s not always a conscious choice of mine to incorporate specific

Weight Watchers: Not Really a “No Man’s Land”

I find that the most profound stories about people do not just come from their public achievements, but the personal battles they face and overcome. Aside from being a musician,