R Michael Rhodes

American Singer/Songwriter Based In Denver, Colorado

The story of Michael Rhodes does not have a definite beginning or end. It’s one that is still being written, and is far from a finished product. Growing up in rural Wyoming and North Dakota, he was surrounded by a community that was incredibly supportive of local talent and helped foster his musical ability. He was active in choir and played in a high school rock band called “Freedom,” covering rock hits of the time. His innate ability to learn music by ear, and his knack for finding ways to turn even the most unassuming objects, such as a flyswatter, into musical instruments, made it clear that music was ingrained in his DNA.

Michael’s music is not defined by one sound, and he does not limit his lyrical identity to one set of topics. His sound is a medley of Americana and Nashville Country-Rock, tipping its hat to artists such as James Taylor, John Denver, The Eagles, and Garth Brooks. It’s the kind of music you want to drive down sunset-painted highway, windows down, with the breeze rolling through. It’s lighthearted, “easy listening” feel and the storytelling lyrics give it an incredibly nostalgic quality that is hard not to like.

When it comes to Michael Rhodes’ music, there is no glam, no formula, and no hidden agenda. It’s music in its purest form. “It all starts with a feeling. Whether it be happy, sad, or angry. I need to feel something before I can write.” In a world where the integrity of music can often be lost or blurred by the single-minded focus of fame or acclaim, Michael’s music is refreshing in its honesty and purity. He looks forward to continuing on his musical path, thriving off the support of his family and friends, and making the most of each day. His favorite quote by George Eliot states it simply: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Michael is a wonderful example of this, sharing his passion with any and all who wish to listen.


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You’re the only song I couldn’t write and you’re the only one who knows me at all. And when my dreams fade in the night I can still remember how you used to call, when you called my name.

R Michael Rhodes

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After All These Years

Coming Soon: Summer 2016

After All These Years takes you on a journey into Michael’s life story. It’s a deeply reflective scrapbook, where each song is distinct in sound and elicits its own emotions. It’s rock music, with a smidge of Americana and a dash of country. Michael’s wistful singing and reminiscent lyrics are paired beautifully in this lighthearted yet profoundly honest five-song album.

The Only Song

New music video single

This symphonic ballad speaks of the effects of love lost, and the longing for connection. In his gentle way, Michael belts out: You’re the only song I couldn’t write / And you’re the only one who knows me at all / And my dreams fade in the night / I can still remember how you used to call / Call my name. “The Only Song” is one single featured on Michael’s upcoming album After All These Years, and is just one glimpse into his story.

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